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My name is Silja and I am the designer behind Náttuglur. I was born and raised in Iceland and today I have the pleasure of teaching textile work in a primary school as well as being a mum to 3 great kids.

Náttuglur means NightOwls in Icelandic and the inspiration came a few years ago from my daughter Salka (then 6). She would draw the owls and I would then sew soft toys using her sketches.

Salka also named our lovely owls Náttuglur and felt very determined about this being the right name for them.

Since then Náttuglur have evolved a lot and we have added more products to the family.

Every single product is handmade with lots of love and joy and you will see that no two are ever the same.

I want kids of all ages to have fun with our unique products, while being assured that I take quality very seriously. That is why you will see that all my products are tested against the guidelines of the Toy Safety Directive and have passed all the quality requirements needed to be granted a CE-label.

I plan to continue evolving our offerings as we really love developing new and fun ideas. The only thing that will not change is our commitment to handmade, unique, quality products.

I always love hearing from people, whether it is sharing what the NightOwls are up to in your home or new ideas.



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